Our harness/looms are manufactured by automation machines where appropriate to eliminate errors and improve quality.

Machines allows high-speed production of more simple stripped wires, while others afford flexibility for more complex tasks and can cope with flat ribbon cable, coaxial and RF products.

We source custom wire harnesses from a single conductor jumper up through multi-conductor with wire tying. With the addition of heat shrink tubing and twisting options, we can customize wire harness assembly designs to any unique design.

Along with many possible lengths and gauges, we also offer multiple termination options. This includes forks, rings, and QC terminals, as well as multi-conductor connectors.

In addition, we offer terminations from terminal and connector manufacturers such as Delphi, Molex, Panduit, and Deutsch to name a few. Also, we offer the standard wire colors with custom options available for your wire harness designs.

Contact us to day to assist with your electronic and harness product manufacturing needs.

Email: info@directedgroup.co.za